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Kratzbaum Ragdoll Scratcher (Dunkelgrau)
Kratzbaum Ragdoll Scratcher (Dunkelgrau)
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Kratzbaum Ragdoll Scratcher (Dunkelgrau)

RHR Quality
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Normaler Preis

Mit einer Höhe von 85 cm und 15 cm dickem Sisalstamm dieser dunkelgraue Kratzbaum Ragdoll Scratcher von RHRQuality ist ein extrem stabiler und kompakter Kratzbaum von RHR Pets. Geeignet für Katzen wie Ragdoll, Heilige Birma oder Maine Coon. Kaufen Sie ihn bei RHR Pets!

Kratzbaum Ragdoll Scratcher (Dunkelgrau)Kratzbaum Ragdoll Scratcher (Dunkelgrau)

Über das Produkt

The scratching post Ragdoll Scratcher by RHRQuality, is a scratching post with a 15 cm thick sisal pole which is a true play paradise for small to large cats. Not only suitable for the British Shorthair, Sacred Birman or Ragdoll for example, but certainly also for a large Maine Coon. With such a fun cat scratching post, your cat can expend its energy, and you won't lose so much space either.

This compact, stable and stylish scratching post has a compact design, which means you can offer your cat a super cute scratching furniture without spending a lot of space on it. Win - Win for you and your cat! The sisal post, measuring 15cm in diameter and about 80cm (!) high, has the sisal glued to the post itself. And because of this technique used by RHRQuality on the Ragdoll Scratcher scratching post, the sisal will not unroll.

The scratch post Ragdoll Scratcher a heavily weighted base plate of 50 x 50cm and is approx 4cm thick. This makes this scratching post enormously stable!

Keep your cat fit and healthy with this scratching post! After all, around the scratching post your cat has plenty of room to let off steam. Thanks to the sturdy 80cm-high sisal post, even the biggest cats can fully stretch and stretch, which is ergonomically important for your cat's joints.

As known from all RHR Pets scratching posts, you can reorder the sisal posts of this scratching post separately.

Über RHR Kratzbäume

RHR Pets is the largest manufacturer and seller of scratching posts in Europe. All our products are designed and tested at our headquarters in the Netherlands and from there distributed to some 15 European countries.

Our customers are our best reference. With over 400,000 followers on social media and more than 30,000 online reviews, they make RHR Pets the reference for quality scratching posts in Europe.

Our high-quality scratching baskets and scratching posts are known for their excellent stability, durability and quality. The natural sisal rope on the posts is glued from top to bottom so it does not loosen or break, and all panels are covered with high-quality plush fabric (600g/m2). To ensure the stability of the scratching post, all fixing parts are made in the ultra-sturdy plastic ABS and we use a minimum screw size of M8 or M10 between the sisal posts everywhere.

What makes our scratching posts unique apart from their quality is that you can reorder parts separately at any time. At RHR Pets we have around 1,500 scratching posts and 15,000 spare parts in stock at any given time.


  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Height: 85cm
  • Complete dimensions: 85cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Weighted base plate
  • Sisal pole with a diameter of 15cm (screw size M8)
  • Sisal rope is glued to the pole so it does not unwind
  • Weight: 10 KG
  • The model next to the sisal post is 1.60m long
  • This sisal pole can be reordered in our webshop

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Vhairi Meiklejohn
Perfect every time!

I'm usually so worried about ordering things like this online as I've been let down in the past from other sellers - however every single part of ordering from RHR pets was a dream. The site navigation and ordering process - simple and quick. The delivery - incredibly fast and efficient with top notch communication the whole time. The product - well, let's just say ill never go to anyone else for buying cat trees and accessories! Yes, the products are a bit more expensive than usual but you're getting a superior quality product that lasts literal years. Well worth the investment and most importantly - my cats absolutely love it.


My Mainecoon love it! Amazing quality!

Ines Lemos

Amazing quality! My Mainecoons love it!


Mooie stevige dikke paal

An de boer
Nieuwe paal

Vorige paal was al binnen 8 maanden gesloopt door de katten. Deze nieuwe ziet er anders uit, dunner touw en zo te zien helemaal verlijmd. Ik hoop dat deze paal iets langer leeft

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